Men's Slim cut styles will never go out of fashion. They give the illusion of tightly cut jeans without the same feel. This hipster cut grabs attention and creates a clean, streamlined look that can be worn around the office or back at the apartment. They're a comfortable and flattering style, making any modern guy look like a sharp-dressed man.

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8 Item(s)

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  1. Diesel
  2. Levis
  1. Range: $99-$170
  1. W28 x L30
  2. W30 x L30
  3. W31 x L30
  4. W33 x L30
  5. W29 x L32
  6. W30 x L32
  7. W31 x L32
  8. W32 x L32
  9. W33 x L32
  10. W34 x L32
  11. W36 x L32
Style Fit
  1. Slim
  1. Blue
Denim Type
  1. Stretch Denim
  2. Dark Wash
  3. Medium Wash
  4. Light Wash
  5. Distressed
  1. Cotton
  2. Elastane

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