Wrangler is one of the world's most well-known brands. Established in 1943, the brand set out to create jeans that are perfect for cowboys. At the time, rodeos had become a popular form of entertainment in the United States and there were not any brands of pants (denim or otherwise) that could withstand the tough life of a rodeo star. After finding success among cowboys, the jeans became a favourite for other labour intensive activities.

The brand began to take off after hiring Bernard Lichtenstein, a tailor that had worked closely with ranchers and cowboys, helping them to create custom styles and lasting repairs. He was thought to be the best in the business and had been nicknamed "Rodeo Ben" by customers and business associates. The brand's name came from the word bestowed on working cowboys.

By 1947, Wrangler had produced some of the styles that remain favourites to this day. In 1962, the company's production made its way to Belgium and successfully launched in Europe. By 1996, one in every five pairs of jeans sold in America was Wrangler brand.Wrangler Jeans

The brand's goal has always been to produce a high quality pair of jeans with a comfortable, durable fit. Some of the many appealing traits of Wrangler jeans is their quality and price. They are not considered a "high fashion" brand even though they are durable and comfortable. Their prices are affordable on any budget and their styles look good on all body types.

The brand holds true to its founding goals, it is still a durable, good looking pair of jeans for cowboys. In addition, the brand has found success with country stars, football players and customers of all different backgrounds. Wrangler is now sold worldwide and finds success with customers, cowboys and celebrities alike, proving that Wrangler has stood the test of time and continues to find success in new generations.