Bootcut denim is one of the most popular styles of denim in the world. It is proving to be a timeless style, especially since boots have come back into style in the last few seasons. Bootcut jeans are made to fit closely around the waist and through the hips and thighs. They give a curvy look but not the full hourglass shape of flare styles so they are a classic style that everyone can wear.

The bootcut style is comfortable and easy to style. It requires the least amount of effort of nearly any denim style and can be enjoyed regardless of size, age, body type or style preferences. They come in all different washes, cuts and waist lengths.

On slim bodies, bootcut jeans create a slight curve while highlighting the height and slenderness of a woman's figure. On curvy women, they embrace the natural shape of the body and make legs appear longer. For women with a larger build, they help contour the shape of the body and flatter all of the right areas. They create a sexy look for women that is comfortable and easy to wear.

Bootcut jeans are perfect for all seasons and climates. In the warm months they can be paired with a t-shirt or tank top and some open-toe heels. In the colder months they can be paired with warm boots and a coat or a comfy sweater with some flats. They can also be dressed up with heels and a silk blouse for a business casual look. Because of their versatility, they are often described as the "perfect pair of jeans".

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