Denim jackets are the most reliable fashion staple. It emits a chill vibe and is perfect for every season. It’s quick and easy to wear and can be matched with many different pieces. Denim jackets can, however, contrast with some clothing pieces and sometimes not fit the occasion well, however, we have tips that will help.

An important thing to remember about a denim jacket is that they are in the casual category and usually should be worn in simple errands and outings with friends and family. It cannot be worn to formal occasions such as interviews or to an office setting.

What to wear for bottoms?

When finding pants for your denim jacket it's best to avoid pieces that match the shade of your jacket, it can throw off the colour scheme. When picking pants, it’s better to pick colours that are lighter or darker. Chinos and jeans work best with denim jackets; however, you could pair them with joggers.

What to wear for tops?

Denim jackets are incredibly flexible; they match with a lot of different styles of shirts. Polos and t-shirts can be worn to keep everything simple and have a casual boyfriend concept, for a more rebellious vibe, wear a hoodie with no graphics.

Shoes to wear

Your best option with your shoes is keeping it casual and comfy. Wear sneakers, sandals, boots or loafers. Do not pair them with dress shoes.

Experiment with these outfits

If you are stuck on what to try out, we have some stylish outfits that you can rock with your denim jacket.

  • A hoodie underneath your denim jacket with ripped black jeans and white sneakers.
  • A beanie and scarf with a white jumper under your jacket.
  • A button-up shirt with black jeans and loafers.