Levi’s 501® Original Jeans have been iconic for over a decade, introduced in the 1890s, and gaining popularity in the 1920s. Giving you an effortlessly stylish look and offering a comfortable fit on your hips and waist, with a straight leg below the knee. They are easy to style, giving you the freedom to explore.


The Original

What makes Levi’s 501® Original Jeans so different from other jeans? Other than the fit, they use their signature button flies in place of a zipper. Jeans for men and women are designed with straight leg and button flies.

 Levi’s 501® Original was patented in 1873 for miners, but over time they have evolved to satisfy each and every generation, becoming a timeless fashion staple.


Men’s 501® fits

Levi’s 501® Original has many different styles that will surely satisfy you. If you’re not a fan of the straight legs, OzDenim Store offers a variety of tapered jeans. For a casual and youthful vibe, pair them with a comfortable neutral shirt and converse.

At the beach, wearing long jeans can feel and look out of place, so opt for one of Levi’s 501® shorts. Giving you a young and friendly look. Wear them out with a casual shirt for a young look or dress them up with a button- up to sport a more mature theme.


Women’s 501® fits

Most of Levi’s 501® Original Jeans are unisex, allowing everyone to pick denim based on their fashion tastes. If you prefer wearing more looser clothing for flaunting street fashion, dressing in a bigger size can give you a laid- back and free look. If you choose your true size, you’ll see how it flatters your silhouette.

We offer a range of Levi’s 501® Jeans at OzDenim Store. You can choose from our collection of looser jeans or our skinny jeans. Or pick from our Levi’s 501® Shorts and dress them down with a casual white tee and sandals.

If you’re not interested in any of those, then check out our cropped jeans. Showing a bit of ankle giving you a modern and trendy look.

501® Unisex

Levi’s 501® Original Jeans are essentially a blank canvas, giving you the chance to explore and dress them however fits your taste. Whether you prefer keeping it relaxed and laid- back or sporting a trendy and modern look, you can find your perfect pair at OzDenim Store