Skinny fit jeans are tailored to fit as close to the body as possible. They fit close to the waist, hips, thighs and ankles. They are similar to slim fit jeans and despite being form-fitting, they are comfortable and can be worn in casual and dressier settings.

Skinny jeans are new in popularity and originated as a style in women's denim. The look was popularized by athletes like skateboarders and bmx riders that wanted to ride in a comfortable style that fits closely to the body. Skinny jeans are typically made from denim and a small percentage of spandex to give them more movement and comfort. Soon, designers began to create skinny jeans for men and it has since become one of the most stylish looks in denim history.

They accentuate the shape of a body and achieve this look without the need of a loose fit. This creates a look that can work for different body types, no matter how skinny or heavy the person may be. While they are not for everyone, with the right shirt, shoes and accessories, skinny jeans can look great on almost all body types.

Some popular ways to wear skinny jeans would be to wear casual shoes with a casual shirt such as skater shoes and graphic tees. Another great look for skinny jeans is to pair them with a dress shirt, suspenders and oxfords for a dressy casual look. The best way to find a good look is to try them on because the possibilities all depend on the style of the wearer, making these a must have for all guys.

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