The original purpose of men’s bootcut jeans was to accompany physical laborers on the job. The hip and upper leg areas were meant to fit close so the material would not get snagged on machinery. The lower legs were designed wide enough to fit over high neck work boots.

Virtually every man, no matter the stature, is shaped “up and to the side.” This is in contrast to women who are a bit more “multi-dimensional.” When worn properly, bootcut jeans should accentuate the classic masculine form.

These jeans should be worn at the natural waistline, or just below in order to create the illusion of a squared butt and hip complex. Whether the man’s legs are tiny or if he can squat a truck, the upper legs should be snug enough to lay on the contour of the quad muscles and wrap slightly inward at the knee.

The lower leg and hem should be visibly wider than the knee, but only wide enough to drape over the mid-top of the foot. In the back, the hem should be long enough that it gently dusts the ground when you walk.

Concerning details, men’s denim is as varied as men themselves, and bootcut jeans are no exception. Any color in this style is acceptable with reservations on stark white. Only men that are truly blessed in the physique department should wear these often. All types of belts, boots, shoes and sheens are attractive in boot cut.

Over the decades men’s denim has gone through countless evolutions that are inspired by original design. One of the best preserved, if not improved upon jeans designs is men’s bootcut. OzDenim Store recommends wearing a multitude of brands that are labeled men’s bootcut.

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