The Levi's brand is one of the most well-known brands in the world. It is a brand from the Levi Strauss & Co, a company started by Levi Strauss in San Francisco, California during the gold rush. Originally a dry goods store, the LS&C sold clothing, bedding, combs and other household items but in 1873 Strauss and designer Jacob Davis got the very first U.S. patent for men's work pants made out of riveted denim. 

Levi's is known for their comfort, quality and style of jeans but they are also known for their records of firsts. They were the first company to manufacture blue jeans and have marketed them successfully to the public ever since. They were the first to create copper rivets in the fabric of pants for strength and durability. They were also the first company to produce jeans made specifically for women. Levi's continues to change the face of fashion, most recently they became the first company to create jeans with a "curve ID" to help customers shop by shape rather than a numeric size. 

The company is one of the most respected and well-loved manufacturers in the clothing industry. Their intuitive fitting apparel, variety of styles and quality make them a crucial part of a wardrobe. Along with their famous blue jeans, they also produce jackets, vests, dresses, purses and accessories like wallets, purses and belts. Their jeans and accessories are sold in over 110 countries and they continue to lead the way in casual fashion.

The company has always impressed the world. Their classic 501 style has been considered the world's best-selling item of clothing. In 2011, Levi's was listed as one of the most trusted brands in India by The Brand Trust Report. In 2012 TIME magazine named Levi Strauss one of the All-TIME Fashion Icons. They continue to receive recognition for satisfying customers and staying ahead of their competition, making them one of the greatest clothing companies of all time.