The fashionable distressed denim has made its way back into the market, with everyone looking for a perfect one for themselves. Torn denim introduces rebellion, so it can be hard finding the right denim that suits your taste. However we have some tips that will make the process easier.

Tips for your Ripped Denim

First you should have an idea on what you plan to add to your wardrobe, whether it is grunge- inspired jackets or playful summer shorts. Find what you like and explore the options. Denim with a moderate amount of rips, usually around the knees and upper thigh are usually the best way to go, they don't expose too much and are generally more stylish than ones that are covered in rips and holes.

Ripped Jeans_01

Think about when you plan to wear it. Wearing distressed jeans to a party or an outing will be appropriate and even complimented for such style, however attending a formal occasion wearing the same jeans will do the opposite. Ripped denim are a street style that expresses the wearer as relaxed and not formal,  and they’re trendy clothes that you can quickly slip on, therefore if you plan to go out in distressed clothes to a restaurant you should reconsider your choices.

Decide on the amount of rips you want to have. A general rule for denim is if the piece is smaller, it should have less rips. As an example, a frayed pair of shorts should not have as much distressing as a pair of jeans. If you lean towards the more prim and neat style, find jeans that have small holes and destressing around your knees and upper thighs, however if you are into a more defiant concept, you should find a more unkept pair that have an edgy vibe.

Be wise when spending. Remember that the denim you are buying is already distressed and torn. Figure out if you want tapered jeans or baggy jeans and whether you plan to roll up them hems or not. Don’t buy denim that you don’t feel comfortable in or don’t fit you; they can cost up to hundreds of dollars, so spend wisely. However if nothing in the store suits your taste you can easily make your own distressed denim at home, not only is it cheap but it lets you decide how it will turn out.

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Finding something to pair them with. Distressed denim can be paired with almost anything. But sometimes the choices are overwhelming. For example, a pair of classic converses and a white shirt with your jeans will make you look casual but stylish. Adding a blazer and swapping out the shoes for dressy shoes can make you look charming and somewhat formal. A black shirt with a graphic denim jacket features a rebellious aesthetic, but overalls are the definition of summer fun. Whatever you mix with your denim can change the entire concept! So spend time to explore your choices and possibilities.