Boyfriend jeans - They rock! They're super comfy and stylish. You can buy them or you can borrow them, so here's how...


1.       If you're buying a pair: Find ones that look good with your style and such; If you're borrowing, make sure you don't have "droopy drawers" because they're too big (wear a belt if needed).

2.       Once you have them, put them on and see how you feel in them. Add a belt if you would like, belts normally add "pizazz"

3.       Find shoes that look good with them. Sometimes this is hard because they're normally bigger at the bottom by your feet. Converse and skater shoes work the best because of the shape and size.

4.       Show them off! Don't be afraid to go to the park, a party, or a friend’s house wearing them. They're super cute and people will definitely compliment them.

5.       Finally, buy more! If you really like them you should buy more, don't hold back!


Wear them however YOU want (low, pulled up, belt, saggy/baggy, etc.)

Wear them because you like them, not because your boyfriend does.


People may question you and think they look a little too.... guy-like, but ignore them. All that matters is you have a boyfriend and/or they're cute and comfy.