Acquiring an awesome pair of ripped jeans can be expensive -- unless you know how to make them yourself. It may require a little patience, but if you read the article, you'll find that the process is actually quite simple.

1.       Do some research. Look online and in fashion magazines for the best-looking rips. Most jean companies seem to place them in areas that you wouldn't naturally tear.

2.       Decide upon the jeans. Use old or new. Try jeans from a thrift shop for practice.

3.       Decide upon the size of the rip. It may enlarge each time you wash your jeans, as the frayed ends get caught in washing machines.

4.       Decide upon the shape of the rip. You may wish to extend a rip in several different directions.

5.       Decide which techniques to use. You may wish to let the fabric become thin on its own. A few new techniques to begin the process may be all that's needed.

6.       Gather your jeans, coarse sandpaper, pumice stone, wood file, grater, utility knife, scissors and a small, flat block of wood.

7.       Draw a cutting line or pattern on your jeans with a pencil.

8.       Place a block of wood inside the pant leg beneath the area.

9.       Rub and scrape the fabric in several different directions. Use sandpaper, a pumice stone, wood file and grater. These will fray the fabric.

10.   Loosen fibers by scraping with the blade of a utility knife.

11.   Using the scissors, cut a hole through the loosened fibers.

12.   Retain all of the loose fibers. They will progressively fray each time you wash your jeans. Use a dryer for fluffier fray.

13.   Optionally, you can choose to wear colored nylons or stockings beneath your ripped jeans.

14.   Bleach parts of the jeans for that extra destroyed look.