Diesel was founded in 1978 by renowned fashion entrepreneur Renzo Rosso. In 1988, Rosso teamed up with designer Wilbert Das. Fresh out of fashion school at the time, Das was hired during his first interview and went to work the same day. He started out as a creative designer of men's fashion, kid's fashion and leather and accessories. 

By 1993 Das became the Creative Director of the company, overseeing all product design and marketing campaigns. He played a big role in the company's image for 20 years and is thought to be responsible for every aspect of the style and designs that make the brand what it is today. The current creative director is Bruno Collin, the founder of the popular French WAD (We Are Different) magazine. 

Though the company was founded in Molvena, Italy is has gone on to create 18 subsidiaries in the Americas, Europe and Asia with the most stores in Japan. It is one of the largest fashion empires in the world and continues to be one of the most sought after denim brands of all time. Choose from a variety of their high fashion jeans from the OzDenim store.