In 1853, the Levi's brand was created in order to provide the American workforce with sturdy, durable pants which also offered supreme comfort. Since then, Levis 501 jeans have remained one of the most popular fits across all demographics. Known for their classic appearance, these stylish denim icons have continued to remain on the forefront of fashion trends. 

The Material
Levis is known for producing products that offer durability, as well as comfort. Levis denim is constructed through the patented Water Less process, which allows them to retain their color and shape for significantly longer periods of time than other denim jeans. These jeans feature a black wash finish, along with natural staining, which gives them a well-worn appearance. 

Denim Fit 
Straight jeans are meant to be worn slightly snug, with minimal sagging. Running straight and true through the waist, seat, and thighs, Levis 501 Black Orginal fit jeans have been constructed so that the wearer enjoys the ultimate in comfort and style. These classic jeans look and fit great on all body types. 

Denim Style
Levi's Orginal fit straight jeans are an essential fashion staple, which belong in everyone's wardrobe. The black wash is a great look when paired with a leather jacket. For a great fashion statement, wear them to an outdoor concert venue, pairing them with classic Vans sneakers and an aged basic t-shirt. These jeans also look great when paired with a business casual jacket and classic boat shoes. These highly versatile jeans allow the wearer to experiment with a wide variety of fashionable looks. The OzDenim Store features a plethora of great options for those who are looking for high quality denim options at great prices. To check out more styles and selections from some of the hottest fashion designers, visit the OzDenim Store.

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