Skinny jeans are the hottest style to hit the fashion world in the last decade. What began as a trend among designers and fashionistas became something greater than anyone could have predicted. With the popularization of this cut, street style has become much more impressive and designers have started to take bigger risks with styles that would have been rejected just five years previously.

This cut fits closely through the hips, seat, thighs and then tapers at the bottom to create a narrow opening. Even though they seem like they would be uncomfortable, tight or restrictive, most wearers say they are the most comfortable jeans they have ever worn. The skinny cut is especially popular among travellers and other people that have to wear the same set of clothing for long amounts of time.

Another wonderful surprise about skinny jeans is their ability to flatter all different body types. For slim builds, they keep the appearance of the body symmetrical giving the lean build that has been made popular by models in the fashion industry. On curvy builds, skinny jeans bring out that famous hourglass shape that has never gone out of style. On heavier builds, skinny jeans can balance out the body. For top heavy women, it creates an illusion of curves in the legs.

There is a myth that says skinny jeans only look appropriate on skinny people but this is not true at all. They look great on all different body types. This trend-turned-staple is an important piece of fashion history that every woman has got to try for herself!

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